About Me: My name is Anadralius Sunshadower. Back in the late summer of 2010 my master decided to make me a twitter account out of pure boredom. I was taken off my display shelf and given new adventures other than dust collecting. I have been outside, to coffee shops, to parties, you name it I’ve been lugged around all over the place in the name of awesomeness. So now I bring to you Dragon Doody Blog version 2.0 (Because my old one is on blogspot and blogspot sucks).

Doody: -The Bashing/making fun of celebrities I dislike, venting about stupid news headlines that make me want to hit my head of hard surfaces, completely dumb videos, pictures etc.

Epic: -Something awesome like video games, someone elses’ awesome blog posts, funny pictures, videos, Dungeons and Dragons, Star wars…pretty much anything awesomely geeky that I must spread.

Adventures-My adventures, complete with pictures…yes I actually have adventures.


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