Dragon Doody August 17th 2011


I checked the news this morning and upon seeing 5 juicy news articles all in one day I could NOT resist posting a Dragon Doody blog entry…Blogging has become as rare as me, I know, but no worries, I’m still kicking.

T-800 is looking for you Sarah Conner

I guess The Terminator no longer has to use the phone book to locate Sarah Connor because we have Twitter! And Almost EVERYONE is on Twitter. @111001001101010 is asking all Sarah’s on Twitter if they are Sarah Conner. Yes “Conner” is a typo but it’s quite brilliant as the real Terminator would pronounce the name “Conner” and not “Connor”.  The account has been active for a few days now and it quite literally only asks people named Sarah if they are Sarah Conner. Some Sarah’s replied “No” some told the Terminator to F*** off and others confusingly asked “Who is sarah Conner?” So if your name is Sarah you might get a mention from the Terminator.

Can we pay em enough money to stop filming Jersey Shore?

You know you suck when a Clothing company offers to pay you a substantial amount of money to STOP wearing their line of clothing. Abercrombie and Fitch are so worried about having their rep ruined that they offered “The Situation” from Jersey Shore a large amount of money to NOT wear Abercrombie and Fitch, they also offered money to the rest of the cast to follow suit.

“We are deeply concerned that Mr. Sorrentino’s association with our brand could cause significant damage to our image,” the company said in a press release Tuesday (via CNN).

I always thought A&F was a clothing line for Jocks, airheads and Beach Bums…if this is the case and a lot of airheads watch the Jersey Shore then shouldn’t they be providing the Situation with their clothing line? And is it possible to gather enough money to STOP MTV from filming this horrid garbage? I will donate my entire Hoard to stop Jersey Shore from being aired.

Here are some amusing Twitter reactions:

_Snape_Professor Snape

Abercrombie & Fitch offered The Situation cash to stop wearing its brand. That’s like Voldy paying someone to stop wearing the Dark Mark.

Abercrombie & Fitch asks the one guy who should be wearing their clothes to stop wearing their clothes. funni.ly/roSUJR
CharlieKayeCBSCharlie Kaye

If The Situation rejects Abercrombie & Fitch’s “substantial payment” not to wear its clothes, I’ll not wear A&F’s clothes for half the price

Now that some of my least favorite things (Jersey Shore and A&F) have made the headlines I am going to go puke up rainbow colored unicorns…Or perhaps some Tiger blood because guess who else made headline?

Warlock Tricks!

Charlie Sheen in the news again. Because he’s falling down a spiral and hasn’t been able to get out of it yet. But he’ll do anything to remain in the lime light including making a cameo appearance at the Gathering of the Juggalos. What a great place to be! Surrounded by the “Insane Clown Posse” fans. Of course when Charlie entered the stage to announce a band people began to pelt him with bottles and stuff. Charlie then catches a bottle that was thrown at him which caused applause but then more objects thrown. Charlie left the stage then insisted that the rude reception was just his fans showing him appreciation. Yes because if there is one way to appreciate someone it’s tossing bottles at them. I hope this trends and Bieber fans start pelting Justin Bieber in the head with objects.

But this only comes to show that Charlie is NOT infact a Warlock. If he were a warlock he could cast some sheilding spell and prevent the bottles from hitting him. I’m also pretty sure you need brains to be a warlock. And in other news, I have placed bets on Charlie Sheen on a celebrity death pool because I feel he’s reaching the bottom of a barrel and his drug addiction will eventually claim him.

Kevin Federline has Fifth Child

I only have 1 thing to say about this. Someone needs to force him to have a Vasectomy. That is all.

Sharks! In the Ocean!

There were some Canadian Shark sightings in the last few days (Which is not Uncommon believe it or not) A great White shark was caught by Fishermen off the Fundy Bay Coast and scientists stated the OBVIOUS that it had been looking for Fish to eat. REALLY? A shark in the ocean looking for Fish? But alas my favorite line used was “The Great Whites will go up there and have a buffet meal of tasty young seals.” (Yahoo news) Really? Someone call PETA to stop this massacre of cuddly young seals! Forget the seal hunts people, there is a larger threat!

Also a shark was also spotted in Nova Scotia. It was a Porbeagle Shark which is COMMON in the waters of NS. Stop The presses! I think I have an article for Yahoo news! This morning I spotted a Squirell in my back yard as well as some Canadian Geese in my pond!

In other news, Yahoo seems to be running out of article ideas. I’m sure they will continue to update everyone on Shark sightings. No worries folk of the east Coast, there have been no recorded shark attacks but you should still beware of Jelly Fish, because those little suckers hurt like a B****.

Happy Birthday Elvis!

I’m Canadian so I don’t pay much attention to American politics until voting day…But some lady who’s campaigning for the year Michelle Bachmann, made a mistake durring one of her rally’s and wished Elvis a Happy Birthday on the day of his DEATH anniversary. Way to go! But if I had made the mistake I’d have said “Happy Birthday Zombie Elvis!” because it’s possible that Elvis is still sorta kicking in the undead way and his death would technically be his Birthday. So Happy Birthday Elvis.


and I shall end my Doody with Shocking news and that is: Lady Gaga wore a NORMAL dress!

And there you have it folks. Some Doody for the day!



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