10 signs that it might be a Trap

1. You are in the middle of a dangerous dungeon and an old lady appears asking for assistance. She’s probbaly a dragon. Honestly, why the hell would there be an Old Lady in a dangerous dungeon???

2. You enter an ominous room and find…NOTHING! Come on! There’s Obviously SOMETHING in a dark ominous room…somewhere…don’t open the box in the corner, it’s a trap!

3. After raiding a dungeon you finally come across the artifact. It’s not supervised, there are no traps around it, it is just sitting there ready for you to take. Nothing is that easy, and if it is, fire your Dungeon Master!

4.  There is a Gazebo. EVERYONE should know by now that if the word “Gazebo” is mentioned…it’s a Trap!

5. A Little girl comes up to you and asks you to follow her. You are currently in a crypt or grave yard. We all know she’s leading you to a trap! Come on! Little Girl in a freaking graveyard? Suspicious!

6. The Dragon Hoard is unattended. Oh the dragon is there SOMEWHERE…and you are about to get owned.

7. When he or she or it says “I will grant you one wish” Yeah…riiiiiight.

8. You are facing a group of Kobolds who weild rusty weapons. Murphy’s law states that anything weilding crappy weapons will succeed in a Critical hit, you will also get rust poisoning because your DM is a dick.

9. You are in a high level adventuring party and the DM makes you face a kobold (or any other weak creature) It’s not a kobold…

10. When He/she/it says “Want to play a Game?” By the way, if you are playing the game YOU LOSE! If you are not playing “The Game” you are now and YOU LOSE!


About Goslin Disasters

Bringing you news on my life disasters as well as weather, Christianity, Philanthropy, My adventures in being an Avon Rep, Geeky things and pretty much whatever I feel like blogging about. I am married to my geek in shining armor, we have a daughter, 3 cats and a German Shepherd...you know what the animal total keeps adding up so just stay tuned to what our zoo has. Once a city girl now making it big in a small town...a very small town. Keep on Geeking!
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One Response to 10 signs that it might be a Trap

  1. “The Dragon Hoard is unattended. Oh the dragon is there SOMEWHERE…and you are about to get owned.”

    That sounds like every time someone says they saw a baby bear all alone. HE’S NOT! Mama is around somewhere!!

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