The Ultimate Troll

A video of a girl’s Vlog went viral after she bashed Lady Gaga’s song “Judas”. Now, at first I took this girl seriously and thought she was a nut job. But what millions of viewers did not catch on to was the fact she completely trolled everyone. Proof can be found in her own video reply. Check out the following videos and judge for yourself. I will include the Cole’s notes for those who are too lazy to watch the 4 minute video.

So this girl, Sarah Rooney or whatever her real name is, made a Vlog about her reaction to “Judas”.

-She claims Judas and Jesus are the SAME person (Even non Christians know Judas was the guy who betrayed Judas)

-She insists Lady Gaga is a member of the Illuminati. Wait what? The Illuminati are real?

-She claims people will not go to heaven if they listen to Lady Gaga.

-She says that Sex is a HUGE sin but fails to mention sex inside of marriage is not a sin. The Bible makes that point pretty clear too.

-She says that she is sick and feels dirty and will have to go to confession. She then also says she may not go to heaven because she listened to “Judas”

-She starts to cry.

-She hopes that pastors will touch people…in today’s day in age saying “I hope a pastor touches me.” sounds dirty and inappropriate.

-Oh and everyone is beyond hope. As if we were all living in the days of Moses of course. I’m confident throughout the entire Bible everyone but Jesus screwed up. Oh and of course it mentions all over the place that NOBODY is beyond hope and if we screw up God will forgive you.

Now here she is AGAIN with a response to her own post on the same You Tube account. She got a hair cut but it does not fool anyone. So UNLESS this is her EVIL twin sister she just trolled everyone BIG TIME! And here is why:

She says “I just watched this video( her video) of this girl (her) who says that Lady Gaga’s song “Judas” is evil”

-Corrects (herself) by saying Judas is NOT Jesus.

-Tells (Herself) That she is wearing gauges in her ears which defiles the temple of God thus is a sin.

-Tells (herself) that if sex is a sin how did you(herself) get born?

-Says God is not real

-Says that if (herself) is going to be in heaven she does’t want to be there. Woah…does this girl have like 2 souls that contradict one another?

-Calls (herself) ugly and Stupid and a Fail.

I believe that she is trolling because if this wasn’t trolling then she would have been in the loony bin ages ago. She can’t be stupid enough to think a hair cut would make a great disguise. She posted the reply video on the same You Tube account. Judging by her facial expressions she is clearly laughing her ass off inside knowing a lot of idiots will fall for her messed up videos. She was successful as she has almost 8 million views on You Tube. Oh and if you check out her singing videos she sounds like something is being horribly tormented.

So Sarah Rooney or whatever your actual name is. Congrats, I give you the gold medal of trolling millions of people with your viral video. You are a great actor and I hope someone discovers your talents because the Horror film industry is in need of some good actors. Hey who knows, maybe you’re the next star of Paranormal activity and if you are not actually Trolling than your movie will be a true story! Us horror fans are in some dire need of true story horror. Keep up the great work you awesome Troll.


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