Canadian Political Fuddle Duddle.

May 2nd 2011 is a page in the History books for Canadian Politics. While many people predicted another Tory Minority Government, quite the opposite happened. In the beginning of the Campaign people were almost certain that it would be close call between the Liberal and Conservative Party. After all when the Liberals do not win they are a close second. Ignatieff the Liberal Party leader stated that it was going to be between Himself and Stephen Harper in the end and all other political Parties need not even bother trying. His arrogance likely cost him a place as the Opposition party (Which essentially means second place) because during the last week of Elections Jack Layton and the New Democratic Party all of a sudden came out of nowhere and gained supporters. This made NDP supporters more confident and this scared Ignatieff into the point where he had to create new attack ads to combat Jack Layton. However, the worst Iggy could pull up was the fact Layton went to a Rub and Tug (Exotic massage) 16 years ago. Nobody seemed to really care.Nobody cared that one of the NDP politicians was in Las Vegas during the campaign either.

With gained popularity in Quebec as well as many fed up Quebecers sick and tired of the Bloc Quebecois the NDP gained most of the seats in Quebec. As soon as they took these seats it was clear that for the first time in Canadian Political history the NDP had become the Opposition Party. The Liberals stood no chance now. With many seats in Ontario, the Conservatives snatched most up which pretty much automatically got them Majority status. By now Micheal Ignatieff of the Liberals was crying in a corner and Gilles Duceppe the leader of the Bloc got ousted by a not so well known NDP in his own riding. Duceppe stepped down as Bloc Leader shortly after.

With both Duceppe and Ignatieff defeated in their own riding district yet another first happened. The Green Party finally got a seat in Parliament. Now Elizabeth May can not be rejected next time there is a political debate. The Green Party has finally got their foot in the door.

A 19 year old McGill University Student who was running as an NDP for his district has been elected. He is the youngest person to be in Parliament. Average people envy this kids new salary as he is making $157 731 per year to start. Guess he can pay his student loans now. We will have to wait and see just what Young Blood can do in Parliament. Rick Mercer was right, give the voting power to young voters and anything can happen. Quebec was sick of the Bloc and wanted to stir things up a bit and because they were so Bold they have just changed Canadian Political History.

Also a big slap in the face to all the other parties is the fact that the woman (Pictured above) who was on a Vegas Vacation during the campaign actually won. There was a small uproar over the fact an NDP politician was in Las Vegas during the elections. The vacation obviously did not lose her votes. It is also possible she won because she’s attractive.

There are also (Including the 19 year old McGill student) 4 rookies in the NDP riding that have won. Parliament welcomes new blood. These rookies are soon to discover the head aches of politics, fellow Canadians wish them luck.

Ignatieff is thinking of stepping down and rumor has it that Justin Trudeau may take over as Liberal Leader. He doesn’t really want to but if Canadians keep pushing him to do so he likely will. This is good news mainly because Canadians like him, and he doesn’t look anything like Ignatieff who I must add looks a lot like Count Chocula or one of those Crooked Lawyers you see on TV series.

So here we are with a Conservative Majority with the NDP as the Opposition Party. Stephen Harper can now more easily pass bills without the approval of everybody else. While Harper did mess up on a lot of things he did manage to keep Canada out of a Depression and we are recovering from a Recession. Hopefully he has learned from past mistakes, and will do what is best for Canada. After all, no matter who is in power they screw up somehow because it is not possible to please everybody. So for the next 4 years Canada welcomes Mr. Harper. Well…most of Canada does anyway according to the polls. So Mr. Harper please don’t Epic Fail.


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